Hermès Bags: Maintenance

Hermès Bags: Maintenance

One of the many reasons Hermès bags are so special is that the high-quality leather ages beautifully and can even improve over time. Everyday wear reveals the unique traits of the leather, and your bag will shape itself around you and your habits, becoming ever more distinctly yours. As beautiful as that sentiment is, there is a limit to how much aging and evolving we want from our bags. To prolong its beauty, take care of it with these easy habits.

How Do You Sanitize Your Bag During the Pandemic?

In addition to frequent handwashing, you can keep your bag clean by using its protective raincoat, Though it may not be the most stylish way to carry your bag, the raincoats that Hermès handbags come with are a great way to keep them clean during the pandemic. You can easily wipe down the raincoat and keep the bag beneath clean. Each time you have used the bag, we suggest removing all the items and wiping them down individually with alcohol wipes. Avoid cleaning your bag with alcohol wipes, which could permanently damage the leather.

How Do You Maintain Hermès Leather?

Leather is durable and relatively low maintenance but it is an organic material so, to keep it looking its best for longer, you should make caring for it a priority.

Handles are particularly prone to wear and tear because of constant use and the oils in your hands. A dainty silk scarf wrapped around your bag’s handles is more than just a way to give it a little personality. Twilly's can protect handles from constant use. Wrapping a Twilly around the handles is highly advisable if you have an exotic skin bag, which can be more porous than other leathers.

Be cautious with light-colored leathers which can pick up the color of darker fabrics. One common faux pas is rubbing your bag against your jeans when you walk, which may cause your bag to discolor.

Other factors to consider when packing your bag are the weight and shape of the objects inside. Overloading your bag or packing bulky items can push the leather out of shape and permanently distort it. Never put your bag on the floor and be aware of any surface you are placing it on to avoid marks and scratches. Hanging your bag up by the handles is another big no-no. This outs unnecessary tension on the handles and can distort the shape of the bag.

How Do I Clean My Hermès Bag?

Keep your leather bags away from oils and perfume-based products and use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to buff out dust and dirt. For marks that are harder to clean, using a professional leather cleaner can help, but proceed with caution and take note of the guidelines on the back of the bottle. It’s advisable to do a patch test on an area of the bag that’s not visible, first.

After cleaning, always let your bag dry naturally at room temperature. Some leathers must be kept away from water at all costs, while others offer some water resistance. Where possible, keep all Hermès bags away from water. This means no rainy day outings unless you use your rain cover. If your bag does get wet, act quickly to wipe it with a cloth to avoid getting water stains on the leather. Water stains should never be removed with cleaning products. Instead, let the Hermès Spa experts deal with it.

Spillages can also cause stains, so leave your pens at home. Ink stains caused by an errant leaked pen in your bag will never budge, so why take the chance? Similarly, if you want to carry around anything else with the potential to leak (think makeup, water, hand sanitizer, etc), use a bag organizer or place your belongings separately into small leather goods, like a bag-in-bag organizer within your bag.

How Do I Clean My Hermès Toile Canvas Bag?

Toile–especially in lighter colors–shows up dirt and can be prone to picking up dyes when it rubs against your jeans. Mr Clean Magic Eraser is a popular go-to for working out stains, but there’s always the worry with canvas that the stain will spread out, instead. To be sure your bag gets the best care, take it to an Hermès store. It’s certainly not the cheapest option, but you can be sure your bag is in safe hands.

How Do I Store My Hermès Bag?

When you’re not using your Hermès bag, store it at room temperature. Extreme heat or cold can both affect the leather, with exotic skins being particularly sensitive to extreme temperatures. If you live in a humid environment, keep your bag in an air-conditioned room.

It’s advisable to store your bag away from direct sunlight, which can dry and fade the leather. All Hermès bags come with a protective dust bag but, for extra protection and to retain the bag’s shape, pack it with pillows, tissue or bubble wrap. Regularly resting your bag will help it to keep its natural sheen longer and gives you an excellent excuse, if you needed one, to buy more Hermès bags. You need to keep them on rotation, right? Be careful not to go too far the other way and store your bag on one side for too long, which can cause the hardware to imprint on the leather. It’s a good idea to regularly air the leather.

How Do I Care For My Exotic Skin Hermès Bag?

Exotic skin bags invariably need more attention than leather. Some exotic leathers can dry out over time and turn yellowish, so it’s important to seek professional advice and identify the exact requirements. These delicate fabrics can be dusted with a lint-free microfiber cloth, but always brush in the same direction as the scale. Stay away from oil or perfume-based products and never, ever get your bag wet. You should avoid taking any Hermès bag out in the rain, but that is particularly true of exotics. Keep them at home and wait for the next cloudless day. Exotics don’t like extreme temperatures, either, so avoid taking them on those beach and ski breaks.

Lisse models need even more attention, easily losing their shine (and color) if they rub too much against fabrics. Conversely, matte exotics tend to develop a patina over time.

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