Payments & Currencies

We partner with the world’s most trusted banks and financial services to ensure a safe and seamless experience when you purchase with us. 

Payment Information

    • Bank Transfer, Wire transfer, AHC & SEPA.
    • We accept Visa, Mastercard & Maestro cards up to $30000 USD.

 We endeavour to show accurate price conversions based on the latest exchange rates, we use a global payment gateway to ensure that the conversion is viable. 

Payment Security
To reduce the risk of credit card fraud, KiotoBrand supports 3D Secure (3DS) credit cards. If your credit card does not support 3D Secure authentication, you may be able to upgrade it on your card issuer’s official website. Alternatively, please consult your card issuer directly about upgrading. 
We use multi-factor verification to support cards without 3D verification. The procedure will vary depending on the safety measures of your card provider. Please contact your card issuer if you have any concerns regarding your payment. 
Payment Deadline
If we are unable to confirm payment within one day of your order, we will cancel it. We advise you to contact your card issuer directly for details of why your transaction couldn’t be confirmed.  
If you are paying via bank transfer, send us proof of payment via email within one day to secure your order. 
Customs, Taxes & Duties
Customs, taxes and duties are included in the price of all our items.